Mountain’s Words

Peter Voulkos once proposed to "abandon the traditional making method, aesthetic concept and practical function of ceramics, fully show the charm of ceramic mud, and display the artists’ enthusiasm, personality and new ideas with the unrestrained, free and random creative concept". I use Dehua white porcelain as a medium, paying more attention to the use of flaws and textures that are considered to be defects in traditional porcelain, regarding them as an aesthetic requirement, and pursuing randomness for the effect of creating the space of incomplete deformation and permeable form intentionally or unintentionally. Those are my expressions through white porcelain.

Year of Creation:




    2016        Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Fuzhou, China

    2015        Sampling - Dehua Contemporary Ecological Ceramic ArtExhibition, Dehua County Ceramics    

                    Museum, China

                    Russia Penza International Art Creation Camp Exchange

                    WE-Inaugurating Exhibition of Guangzhou Sculpture Society, China

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