The Happy Family of Kang Youwei

Originally, “The Happy Family of Kang Youwei” was a painting by Xu Beihong for his mentor Kang Youwei, depicting a joyous family scene of Kang with his wives and chil- dren. A cultural icon himself, Kang was also criticized for his brashness. In this piece, I attempt to create figures of Kang and his six wives based on old portraits and pho- tographs. I incorporate realistic methods in creating the body figures, which aligns with the emphasis Xu Beihong put on realism during his tenure as the first President of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. By transforming the human figures into vases where plants and flowers can be put in, I thus put the Kang family into the jungle of history. Huge ears grow out of the Taihu stones and peoples’ heads so they can listen to history’s eerie voice.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: White Porcelain



    2014        Master’s Degree, Printmaking Department, Central Academy of FineArts, China

    2013        International exchange student,Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Germany

    2007        Bachelor’s Degree, SculptureDepartment, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China


    2015        Millers Fall Art Bridge, Artist inResidency Program, USA

    2014        China/Europe Exchange Residency, The NationalSculpture Factory, Ireland


    2016        GengXue Solo Show, Prix Yishu8 Chine,YISHU8 Chinese Young Artist Award, Beijing, China

                    POETICS OF THE BODY, The Sculpture& Video Art of Geng Xue, FM ART SPACE, Guangzhou,


                    Fire Within: A New Generation ofChinese Women Artists, Broad Art Museum, Michigan State University,


                    "Mr.Sea"is selected by Fest Anča International Animation Film Festival,Žilina, Slovakia

                    Art 16, London’s Global Art Fair, London, UK

                    Art Paris, Paris, France

                    Holland Animation Film Festival(HAFF), University Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands

    2015        GengXue, Borrowing an Easterly Wind, Kleinsun Gallery, New York, USA

                    Art Miami, Miami, USA ExpandedSenses, B3 Biennial, Biennial of the Moving Image,

                    Applid Art Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

                    Chicago Expo, Art Fair, CAFA SpecialExhibition, Chicago, USA

                    "Mr. Sea"is selected by 11. IZDANJE FESTIVAL 25 FPS, Zagreb,Hrvatska, Croatia

                    China 8, Contemporary Art from Chinaon the Rhine and Ruhr, Lehm bruch Museum, Germany

                    Tradition and Innovation: The HumanFigure in Contemporary

                    Chinese Art, Chazen Museum of Art,University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

                    Art Fair Tokyo 2015, Tokyo, Japan

    2014        "Mr. Sea"GengXue’s solo show, ZERO Art Center, Beijing, China


    2016        Prix Yishu8 Chine, YISHU8 ChineseYoung Artist Award, Beijing, China

                    WALL POWER, Wallpost ArtistOutstanding Award

    2014        Short Film“Mr. Sea”isgranted The Best Production Award at the CAISSA RISING

                    ARTING, Annual Nomination Exhibitionfor Students of Contemporary Art Academies, Today Art Museum,

                    Beijing, China

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