Earthy Language

These works were made by the mud-kneading method commonly used in pottery making, leaving a variety of forms through the whole process. These mud pies, varying in size and shape, and retaining the traces in the process of kneading and squeezing, the artist's handprints as well as the emotional information, have their independent characters and aesthetic connotation.
It is hoped that these works can purely express the nature and style of mud in the white porcelain material, and let the mud pies "speak for themselves."
The works do not present any “images”, but remind us to think about the vast and deep creative potential of “China White” ceramic and the possibilities of its subverting of the inherent concepts.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Dehua white porcelain

Dimensions: L 110 cm, W 60 cm, H 40 cm


    2010        Master degree from department of sculpture of the central academy of fine arts

    1999        Bachelor degree in fine arts from Xiamen university


    2015        "ZhiShouQianNian" was selected as the new state, Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennial

    2014         "2114 Stratum sampling" selected to attend the 12th national arts exhibition ceramic exhibition

                      "Rice 2050" selected to attend the 12th national arts exhibition sculpture exhibition

    2012         "Steamed Bread", "The Jade None" selected to attend the 8th Chinese youth potters biennial

    2011        Sculpture exhibition, Xiamen


    2016        "ZhiShouQianNian-RuDing"won the second session of the Chinese Contemporarypottery exhibition outstanding works award

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