"The nest" is the home of animals, and home should always be warm and peaceful. A few newly hatched chicken huddle in their own small nest, so little and cute, making people obsessed with them, and naturally arousing people's gentle care, so they will love the chicken, the animals, the nature, and the harmony. The work organically combines straw and mud to create a slightly loose and messy nest, which has a rich sense of space due to its looseness and a rich sense of original ecology due to its messiness. The carved chicken are delicate and vivid. The composition of the whole work is a picture with infinite tension and abundant sense of modern.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: L 33 cm, W 47 cm, H 12 cm


    2015        Founder of Wen Chuang Tang Ceramic studio Director ofDehua Young Talent ceramic art zone


    2016        Bronze Award of the China Ceramic Art Competition 11thNational Ceramic Art Design Innovation Award

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