Silk Road Spirit

The "Silk Road" is a profound historical memory and a permanent spiritual theme of China’s involvement into the world for thousands of years and the realization of its rise as a great power.
The artistic creation of the work “Silk Road Spirit” is based on the historical and cultural connotation of the “Maritime Silk Road” that originated from the ancient Quanzhou Port. The Silk Road was not only a platform for the exchange of goods, but also a cultural exchange channel for different civilizations. The horizontal "historical records" and the endless "waves" in the work are not only presenting historical facts, but also an epic atmosphere. At the same time, the "history records" symbolize the rich and profound history and culture, and "waves" symbolize the majesty of "the will of the great power." The work is realistic with concrete images, and the main export products on the "Silk Road", such as tea, ceramics and silk are represented by relief. The virtual images are used to present the theme, and the relief is used to express General secretary Xi’s high generalization of the “Silk Road Spirit” and the French conviction of "freedom, equality and fraternity", showing the coherent spirit of the past and the present and China's "world mind" of win-win cooperation.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: White Porcelain

Dimensions: L 49 cm, W24 cm, H 16 cm


                    Provincial Gold Award  "ChineseDream-Beautiful Home" the 7thCompetition cup

                    National Gold Award "Sea Guan Yin" the 7th China International Cultural Exhibition

                    National Gold Award "Guan Yu" the 10th China Strait Handicraft Fair

                    National Gold Award "Boy Obeisance toGuanyin" the 8th China Strait Handicraft Fair

                    National Gold Award "Civilization - Printing" the 7th China International    
                    Cultural Exhibition

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