Structure by Hole

I gathered small structures and created spherical shapes. It is a model for the formation of this earth.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain, Silica Sand, Glaze

Dimensions: L 42cm, W 36 cm, H 42 cm


    2017        Takashi Murakami's Superflat Consideration On Contemporary Ceramics Towada Art Center, Japan

    2016        Gallery Labo, Ehime, Japan

                    From The Fire, Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA

                    Story Teller, Giant Year Gallery, Hong Kong, China

    2015        Unit Gallery, Hong Kong, China

                    Tradition and Innovation, Meijer Gardens, Michigan, USA

    2014        Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen, China

                    Piao Piao Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

    2013        Art Salon Yamaki, Osaka, Japan


    2013        Shiga Prefecture Cultural Prize, Encouragement AwardShiga Prefecture, Japan

    2010        The 21th Syumei Cultural Foundation Prize, ShumeiCultural Foundation, Japan

                    Japan Traditional Art and Craft Exhibition Prize, Japan

    2008        The 46th Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition Prize, Aichi, Japan

                    The Heiwado Foundation Prize, Heiwado CulturalFoundation, Japan 

                    Panasonic Prize, Panasonic Foundation, Japan

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