In to the Memory

I made my Sculptures Photos as a movie director do a movie, as a writer writes his story.

I photo my memories, fixed them on raw porcelain through silk screen printing and assembled them into long strips, through which I make a homogeneous narrative.

The work is structured through the overlapping articulation of ceramic ribbons that remember old movies, the floating form of the work and determine the rhythm of the storytelling they hold.

Year of Creation:


Dimensions: H 29 cm, D 9.5 cm


    2017        Selected for competition, "International de Carouge", 2016

    2016        "Metropolis" International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics,Vallauris, France

    2015        "Terrae" ceramics in informal and contemporary research and installation "Favelas"

                    "Favela Blu" International Prize of Contemporary Ceramics, Faenza, Italy

                    Exhibition in the Gallerie89, Ampuis, Lyon, France

                    "Keramik-geformtund gebaut" Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany



    2017        Honorable Mentions, "Memoria Andata" CompetitionInternational de Ceràmica de l'Alcora

    2014        First prize "Favela", with the theme of the circle and the sphere, Diessen, Germany

    2013        Winner "Il Nano dellaVia Vecchia del Cardoso" Award Fondation Brukner, Carouge, Switzerland

    2010        Winner, Young Creations Contest, Massimo Martini Macef Design Award

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