“Time” may be a thing that is boring, repetitive and lacking in freshness. In the cycle of day after day, year after year, I often forget the existence of time. From time to time, I would suddenly feel that time stops, and feel that I am stuck in the gap of time; sometimes, I would feel surprised that time is intertwined, so today and yesterday are nothing but the same. Because of my feelings and interest in time, I tried to find a non-scientific and natural way to record my own time. Sitting by the workbench every day, I imitate the process of soil deposition in nature and use the porcelain clay to record life.

Year of Creation:




    2016        Master of Fine Arts, Study under Prof. Ingo Vetter, University of the Arts Bremen

    2012        Department of Ceramic Design, Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University


    2017        Weserburg, Bremen, Germany

                    ART Beijing, China

                    Cabinets of Curiosities, DuoYunXuanArt

    2016        Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

                    FQ projects, Shanghai

                    The First Young Contemporary CeramicArt Biennial, Beijing

    2015        City Galerie im Lloydhof, ConfuciousInstitute of Bremen, Germany

                    Jingdezhen Pottery Studio, China

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