My ceramic art creation has always been focusing on the transparent light and shadow, as well as the spatial structure. I created these works in the form of the cocoon and pupa, and by superposing them to deform the entire works, I retained the rhythm, the density, the momentum and the propriety between the gaps. After firing, the cocoon and pupa seemed to regain their life. I defined these works as “nothing”: nothing is empty, but also the respect for life to some extent.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: L 28 cm, W 28 cm, H 8.5 cm


    2017        The day after tomorrow - Betrayer II, Nanjing, China

    2016        Chinese contemporary ceramicBiennial, Hangzhou, China

    2015        Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennial, Taiyuan, China

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