Small Creature Breeding the White II

All three works proposed by me for this unique competition- exhibition are connected to my ‘near to the nature’ imaginative world. That’s why I shall write only one artist’s statement for my three pieces. I developed a really very special ‘building-method’ for this great show, what - after my knowledge - is not used by anybody else in the world. It works as a ‘natural force’ by the help of my hands. It is extremely slow, it needs from me a very strong and unusual ability for peaceful, quiet meditation and incredible endurance, but despite of the slowness - I can tell you - I enjoy absolutely the making process, even in the case, if it needs more than a month, what is the case of these three pieces. This really very special building-method is similar how a natural living creature developpes itself, for instance a tree, a corall or a shell. All three are a special mixture of clays, at the bottom a little bit darker type, what step by step contains more and more ‘whiteness’, it means: Caoline. Usually I make completely different type of pieces, what are about the problems of our present world, but from time to time I need very much the making of these quiet type of works as well. This ‘drop by drop’ technology pieces - how I can call them - were never shown on other exhibitions of our art genre, only a variation of it, when I built up my pieces by clay-layer after clay-layer and not by drops on each other. Or- at the bottom and at the top ot the pieces now, yet I use a little bit this ‘layer after layer technology’ as well. With such type of works I could win in 1984 Vallauris International Biennial the Prize of the French Cultural Ministry, so it shows as well, that this type of ‘quiet technologies’ always occur in my life again and again. Psychologically I really need this extremely slow making process, I never get tired of it!

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain

H 52 cm (Artwork 1)
H 61 cm (Artwork 2)
H 71 cm (Artwork 3)


    2013        Budapest Gallery, Hungary

    2011        Bonneau-Samames Gallery, Marseille, France

                    Fészek Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

    2010        Unart Gallery, Austria

                    Museion Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


    2017        Main Prize, Ceramics Quadriennial, Pécs, Hungary

    2015        MAOE Harmony Exhibition Prize, Szentendre, Hungary

    2012        Special Prize, Grotesque Triennial, Kaposvár, Hungary

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