Water and Soil

Human beings are shaped by the water and soil around them. The diverse landscapes in China are not only beautiful and magnificent, but also rich in culture. Since ancient times, mountains and rivers, as the foundation of the ecological environment, have been the places for human beings to settle down. An objective relation have been formed by human beings between our various needs and mountains and rivers, so that our own needs and wisdom can be condensed in them. In ancient times, when the ceramics were exported overseas, the waterway was a major channel for trade. Dehua, the starting point and gateway to the Maritime Silk Road, continuously sold ceramics to foreign countries. Therefore, the Maritime Silk Road can also be called the “Maritime Ceramic Road”. I hope that through my works, I can make more beautiful wishes come true, and continually bring the glory of Chinese ceramics to the world.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: L 80 cm, W 42 cm, H 15 cm


    2016        Selectedinto China-Ecuador ceramic exhibition

    2012        Exhibitedin the international ceramic art in Korea MAGA Gallery


    2015        Master Award in the 17th China DesignCompetition

                    Hundred-Flowers Award in the 11th Jingdezhen Tang Ying Cup

                    Innovation Design Award in ShanghaiInternational China Art Festival

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