Story, waste city

I try to use a common way, constantly to inquire into my own mind - the reasons and value of the existence, whether existence must change? If seeking for change is deliberate, then the result of change and the truth is actually passive. Using the story as a narrative way to present the moment I think and struggle with some of the problems in my heart, which is my art practice plan made by myself years ago. In fact, it is more like me an artistic action and act happened to me, rather than a work presentation. Because it was put, so that l began to study myself, from the outside to see to the heart to see. And because of that, whenever produces works themed about story again, l seem to be physically and mentally excited, sometimes confused, sometimes in a shocking state. But actually l am enjoying this state. At the same time, this series of works, l try to use an absurd way to explore the spiritual situation of people in network era. A high degree of informatization leads that we will enter the era of knowledge big bang becoming a reality. But when everyone has the brain knowledge at the same time, but in the loss of the ability to act. Do we really step into a new era of intelligence? In fact, my heart is still left in the era of sweat, although I have just begun to grow old, l am willing to be pulled by the edge, though living in a waste city.

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                    Professor at China Sculpture Society

                    Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts Fashion

                    Chair Professor at the Department of Oil Painting andScuplture, Guangdong Provincial

                    Culture and History Museum

                    Current work in Guangdong Foreign Language VocationalCollege of Design Art Institute

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