Red Butterfly

In contrast to design projects that have to fulfil the requirements for reproductive manufacturing, I create unique art objects by spontaneous, non-repeatable processing technologies which express an individual character as bearers of an artistic message. Many years I kept myself occupied with the “DNA” of the era of baroque art objects of Meissen (Meissen is the world-famous and the oldest European porcelain manufactory). That`s why I`m fundamental interested in learning to handle ancient manufactural skills to be able to use them sovereign and to tranform or translate them into a contemporary design language as well as to apply and alienate shape and pattern quotations. So my porcelain objects, often in the appearance ot flora and fauna topics, may be also considered as a hommage to the old Meissen archetypes and tradition.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Hard porcelain, Silver wire fitting

Dimensions: L 28 cm, W 18 cm, H 31 cm


    2017        Exhibition in the European Porcelain Museum Selb, Germany

    2016        Participated at the 1st Porcelain Biennial in Meißen

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