No Title 「Excellence Prize」

Year of Creation:

Materials: Porcelain

L 125 cm, W 125 cm, H 113 cm (Artwork 1)
L 120 cm, W 120 cm, H 89 cm (Artwork 2)
L 135 cm, W 135 cm, H 55 cm (Artwork 3)


    1996        Graduated children art school ofdecorative and applied arts


    2016        Participation in art-camp in FupingPottery Art Village for creating "Museum ofUkrainian Modern Ceramics", Fuping, China

    2015        Accession to the Union of Artists ofUkraine


    2015        "BeijingInternational Festival macsabal Wood fire 2015 "and exhibition inForbidden City, Beijing, China

                    Participated ina symposium on landscape design of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine "Dialogue with Nature",

                    Kiev, Ukraine

                    Participated inArtist Residence Program of International Mac sabal Museum in Wanju City, Korea

    2014        Participated in the "7 great sculpture salon", Kiev, Ukraine

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