Organic architecture 「Excellence Prize」

The aggregation of small emptied porcelain hulls creates a protective cavity. It is inspired by alveolar constructions insects build to keep safe their food, their eggs or their larvas. These small agglutinated cells form a compact, light and solid superstructure. The multiplication of small units becomes a protean community.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: China clay (Kaolin), Glaze

Dimensions: L 40 cm, W 21 cm, H 7 cm


    1991        Industrial and product design fromthe University of Applied Sciences, Art and Design, in Geneva


    1991        Creating ceramic objects for exhibits and competitions, facilities, as well as architectural structures in private homes

    1996        Taught at the schools of applied arts in Geneva and Vevey

    2005        Vevey Art School in the ceramic department


                    Swiss Federal Grant

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