Sea Flowers 「Third Prize」

The artist evokes the interiority of a mysterious and unknown fauna and flora marine world.
The lines are pure, contoured, but the material and technique are complex: Through the assembly of small fragments of earth hand-crafted with patience and meticulousness and through the play of openings and perforations.
Also, the artist is inspired by old Asian techniques like the Nerikomi: inlay using pigmente porcelain;
and the use of the blue reminding of the Ming decoration period.
The creation of these pieces is an event that represents a journey that encloses a sacred dimension: a magic rite, cathartic, part of an intellectual and conceptual event that needs time, enormous patience, skill and joy.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Nerikomi technique with pigmented porcelain

L 26 cm, W 21 cm, H 18 cm (Artwork 1)
L 22 cm, W 19 cm, H 15 cm (Artwork 2)
L 21 cm, W 16 cm, H 18 cm (Artwork 3)


    2017        "A L’ORIGINE", Terra Viva Gallery, StQuentin La Poterie, France

                    "EUNIQUE", International Fair for AppliedArts & Design, Karlsruhe, Germany

                    Artist in Residence Program Exhibition, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

    2016        "Martha Pachón Rodríguez and VictoireCatalans" Midnight Sun Gallery, Morges, Switzerland

                    "50 WOMEN, a celebration of Women’sContribution to Ceramics", NCECA 2016, Jazz Museum, Katas Citty, USA 

                    "Autour dubijou" Around the jewelery, France    

    2015        "More Art of decorating", Keramikcentrum Tienschuur,Tegelen, Netherland

                    "Faenza-Japan", Sekiguchi Museum, Tokyo,Japan

                    "Piercing Eyes-Distilled Art Pieces" Stillfried Wien Gallery, New York, USA

                    "59 Premio Faenza" Contemporary CeramicCompetition, Faenza, Italy


    2014        Bronze Award "10thInternationalCeramic Competition MINO", Japan

    2013        Silver Award "Kaolin InternationalCompetition", Jingdezhen, China

    2012        Second Award "International Contemporary CeramicMeeting", Albissola Marina, Italy


                    Bank of Romagna, Contemporary Art Collection, Faenza, Italy

                    KeramikmuseumWesterwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

                    FLICAM, FuleInternational Ceramic Art Italian Museum, Fuping, China

                    Castello diSpezano, International industrial and artistic ceramic collection, Fiorano, Italy

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