White 「Third Prize」

Fate, to put it bluntly, is the encounter and the alternation.
Who can be conscious of the vast Tao?
Yin can be transferred under the sun, and the moon effects Yang.
It is transparent and bright without infinity, natural and far-reaching.
Tangible works are presented with superficial appearances.
The more you delve into the depths, the more you understand loneliness.
Calm and clear, there is only one true consciousness.
Everything operates naturally and regularly without any incredible power.

Year of Creation:




    2011        Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts received a bachelor's degree 


    2017        The Most Dazzling Chinese White Lingnan Museum of Fine Arts

    2016        The Debate of Buddhism Script ure Guyuan Museum of Art

    2011        Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Group Exhibition

    2008        Sculpture Exhibition, The Sixtieth Anniversary of theFounding of PRC Guangdong Museum of Art

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