Orientation 「Third Prize」

In the current society inundated with materials, people may encounter many choices for changeable but uncontrollable directions, which are intertwined in orderly or disorderly manners. Touching the mud is the simplest and closest way of communication to the heart. I used the mud to make flake-like turns by hand-touching to express the sense of uncertainty in directions. Just like the way of origami, I folded and folded to find the possibility of extension in these different directions. That was a non-repetitive, uninterrupted continuation, which could not be separated from the vessel and remain the same after various changes.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: White porcelain

Dimensions: L 45 cm, W 36 cm, H 29 cm(Artwork 1);L 46 cm, W 32 cm, H 28 cm(Artwork 2)


    2008        Bachelor, Tsinghua University

    2000        Master, Seoul National University, Korea


    2014        Jin Zhenhua Solo Exhibition ' Echo Series from theSound Collection' large ceramic installation, Beijing

                    design week, China

    2013        Jin Zhenhua Solo Exhibition ' The moment', Abu DhabiChinese Intangible Cultural Art Expo

    2007        Jin Zhenhua Solo Exhibition 'Imperishable Vitality',Gallery Dam, Seoul, Korea


                    Works by the Korea International Ceramics Biennale

                    Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale

                    USA San Francisco ce­ramics Annual of America

                    USA CA Big Fish, Small Pot V of tea exhibition

                    National exhibition of the Fine Art

                    Chinese contem­porary ceramic art exhibition


                    New York Broolyn Museum of art

                    Korea World Ceramics Center

                    Taiwan Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum

                    Swiss Ariana Museum

                    Dublin Castle Museum of Ireland

                    Guangzhou Xusheng Museum of fine arts

                    Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum

                    Art Museum of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts

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