There are a total of ten sculptures made of white porcelain directly poured on the lotus leafs. Five of them are set with delicate gold foil on one side. The object was hand-made and I named it "Future Fossils". The work is small in size, and people can hold the lotus leaf in the palm of their hand when they are putting their hands together and praying. The distorted lotus leaves remind me of the prototype of vulva and uterus, the concept of Yin and the trait of femininity. Plaster prints remind me of the concept of the penis and the trait of Yang. This shape of double-layered lotus leafs reminds me of the many symbolic meanings of lotus.
Here, I would like to quote several passages: Lotus is first and foremost the reproductive organs of flowers, which is its prototype, and symbolizes the birth and rebirth of life. No matter in the Mediterranean, India or China, the lotus is endowed with different connotations, either vulgar or sacred, but all of them are derived from this basic archetype.
As we all know, Chinese literature makes good use of metaphors. For instance, the word “lotus” is used to imply vulva, and thus the word "golden lotus" is the greatest praise for women.
In the comprehensive and implicit meaning of both genders, Zhou Dunyi reinterpreted the concept of purity, supplemented by the concept of moderation and the symbol of wisdom.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: White Porcelain

Dimensions: L 120 cm, W 27 cm, H 4 cm


    1974        Diplôméde l’Ecole Boulle (CAP d’ébéniste1969-72 et Diplôme de fin d’études Agencement

                    1972-1974) de l’ENSBA


    1993        Sculpteur/enseignant, responsable dumodule Volume/Installation à l’ESADHAR LEHAVRE



    2015        Golden Lime, Fruit of Logistica, Mexican privatecollection, Berlin, Germany

                    Architecture and Sculpture, Villa Datris Foundation,Isle-sur-la-Sorgues, France

    2013        The Artist’s Flag, A.Part, International Festival of Contemporary Art, Alpilles Provence, France

    2012        Series of sculptures in Palais de Tokyo, to promote LaLiving Art Gallery d’Isabelle de Mars, Paris,


    2011        AKADE, sculpture customized for Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès, La Verrière, Brussels, Belgium


    2015        Special Collection, Mexico

    2012        Special Collection, Paris

    2011        Special Collection, Shanghai

    2007        Collection and donation of CentrePompidou, Paris

                    Cratère, ceramic triptychcollection, produced by ceramic kiln of Sèvres

                    Puebla, Mexican collection: Ministryof Culture and Tourism of Puebla Tjibaou Cultural Centre

                    Fond d’Art Contemporain Kanak et Océanien (Facko)

                    Contemporary Art Center, NewCaledonia

                    Daniel & Florence GuerlainContemporary Art Foundation SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers

                    and Publishersof Music), Paris

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