The beautiful material of porcelain is most of the time at least in European tradition being squeezed into a molds in order to copy predefined shape and depict object or figures and than being covered by another precious materials. It’s nature beauty and qualities are hidden behind the shiny surface.
For me there are three key words related to porcelain. Material, process and time. In order to find out what porcelain is and could be it seem not enough to keep on surface I wanted to see more, to see inside. I wanted to feel the heaviness to see the cracks to trace the fights among the materials. I wanted to enjoy the process to put hands full of glaze just to the middle of the mixture and let the fire accomplish the shaping.
It is not a statement it is just one phase among many others what remains.

Year of Creation: 2016

Materials: Porcelain, Kaolin, Silica, Feldspar, Whiting, Cobalt

Dimensions: L 30 cm, W 30 cm, H 30 cm


    2017        International Ceramics Festival 17, Mino, Japan

    2016        5th Ceramics Sculpture, Kadaň, Czech Republic

                    Modern Classics - Focus Vessel, KeramikmuseumWesterwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

                    Taiwan ceramics Biennial InternationalCompetition, New Taipei, Tajwan

                    House of Porcelain with Blue Blood, Dubí, Czech Republic


    2017        Working Grant from Ministry of Culture

    2014        1st Prize, Hungarian Academy of Visual Arts,25th Autumn’s Salon, Budapest, Hungary

    2006        1st Prize, Rosenthal Design Award, Germany

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