I've been thinking about space, especially the inner space, which is the own property of the ceramics as a kind of media. On the one hand, ceramics have been a daily vesells, its inner space provide the ability to acommodate objects, on the other hand, due to the limitation of technology, it must be hollow inside, these two characteristics of ceramics motivate me to explore the space of ceramics from the inside. In this work, by the bending, extension and rotation of the ceramic vessels, I try to produce a distorted form of the inside and the outside, the concave and the convex, the invasion of the outside and the resistance of the inside, which not only forms a strong contrast of space, but also a co-existance of closure and openess of the space.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: White porcelain

Dimensions: 34.00*35.00*18.00cm

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