Transcending Time and Space 「Third Prize」

The Introduction of Artistic Creation “Transcending Time and Space”.
“Transcending Time and Space” is a sculpture works created in the way of slice arrangement, using the special ultra-thin white porcelain plate produced by Fujian Dehua Porcelain Capital Painting Institute. Through the opposite rotation and change of the two shapes square and circle in time and space, constitute a life shuttle channel with a sense of modern science and technology, and reveal that people and nature, people and society, and people live in harmony with each other in contradiction and unity dependence and mutual transformation. Chinese people often say "no rules, no radius". Square is the rule and the foundation of life. Being an official should be honest, doing business should be honest, and research and learning should be practical. Circle is harmony and a way of dealing with the world. It pays attention to generosity and accommodation, is wise as a fool, and is kind to others. In our life, we should have a circle outside, a square in the circle and the combination of square and circle, so that the society can develop harmoniously.
The sculpture "Transcending Time and Space" forms the rhythmic, texture and gorgeous beauty, which means that as long as man and nature live in harmony and prosperity, the world will be wonderful.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Dehua white porcelain from Quanzhou, Fujian province, China

Dimensions: 172.00*53.00*45.00cm

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