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This set is designed from the "group of people" scene look, First, the proportion of the head and body change to show the tall, fat and thin figure image, The external lines of the characters are simple and smooth, and the decorative effect of the characters produces a simple and complicated rhythm contrast, In order to reflect the natural sense of difference in artificial and mechanical production, The main body chooses grouting molding and the character decoration is manually knead, Choose local glaze when burning as the whole, Light green glaze color embellishment with the overall white frosted texture produces a subtle sense of difference, The natural texture charm of ceramic is thus displayed, In the wild white with a small amount of pale cyan, With less gold, changes in temperature, The color collision of platinum is most vividly shown in the work. In the crowd of people wear luxurious clothes, some people with heavy armor, people close but silent, have life want to be the protagonist someone like to silence in the crowd, to show the state is also ceramic art, ceramic can be soft petals can also be strong armor, the charm of ceramic art in the layers of contrast and rhythm, I was deeply attracted.This set of works also want to express the view is that perhaps our country is different aesthetic different, but we have the same earth at the same foot, the same sky hope can always have the fragrance of petals in the air, the foot is not always concrete, so that we can pursue art and dreams in the continuation of life.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: ceramics

Dimensions: 200*100*40.00cm

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