Far away · Far away

where the eyes are and where the heart is. The work expresses the distance between the eyes and the heart. The world needs to be discovered with our eyes.Such as the good or evil. Everything that we see is the good and hope we yearn for and feel with our hearts. In this work I hope that the distance I see is the distance my heart wants and the real world in my heart. This work consists of transparent resin, embroidery process, fiber, hand drawn white porcelain pieces, hand pinched clay strips and porcelain pieces, transparent rain proof fabrics and other materials. Bind and stack some clay and porcelain parts to simulate the sparse and quiet atmosphere of mountains, forests and wilderness; The white porcelain flower pieces made of hand drawn blank are scattered around and connected with transparent resin to form the relationship between "look" and "look through"; In addition, ceramic clay strips and pieces are combined with fiber embroidery to form mountains, rivers and wilderness. As far as I can see, my heart is in full bloom. The distance in my heart, beyond the reach of my eyes, is in my heart. This distance is the longing for the future and the expectation of hope that has not been submerged.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: transparent resin, fiber, porcelain

Dimensions: 180.00*120.00*5.00cm

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