Connected 「First Prize」

I work very intuitively with shapes, inspired by natural elements and living organisms. Often sensual and yet abstract. Although my creations have the clean lines of the modernist aesthetic in their larger contours, I complicate them with textures and rhythms, an effect that makes the work come alive in a still movement, like a fluid form that confirms itself in one moment. The interaction with the spectator is paramount. The attraction from the object. An emotion that arises and that creates the urge to hold, embrace, feel and get closer. It will be a sensory experience.
“Connected” is made of a mix of Limoges porcelain and 3% of egg board paper, a part of the porcelain is colored with ceramic stains. Single fired to C°1280. I first build the global form with "colombin" technique in different shapes, already small sculptures on themselves. Then I connect the shapes in a very intuitive way. I put them in a certain rhythm so they connect in a very natural way. The fact that I work with paper porcelain gives me the opportunity to reshape, even take it completely apart, and recreate a new form if needed.
When the global form is finished, small paper-thin cut slats are delicately placed on the piece with different dentist tools. One by one, row by row. By adding paper I get this papery and frayed textile effect.
My work never seems finished. Frayed, raw and delicate. A constant search for texture, which is inextricably linked to the shape, creates an extra dimension that is indispensable. It is Perfect in its imperfections.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain de Limoges, 3% eggcarton, ceramic stains

Dimensions: 34.00*20.00*15.00cm

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