LIFE CLIFF 2 「Second Prize」

Life Cliff 2 is part of an experimental research that aims to restore value and beauty to a material that our contemporary society considers as waste. Following the principle of a circular economy and sustainability, the glass sludge is recycled, slowly sedimented in large tanks, so that becomes affected by time, which I will then try to keep intact when dry. Like a blossoming flower, the glassy material, together with the strength of ceramic, is born in a new form. I have always been fascinated by what remains in the processing of raw ceramic and glass material. When the muddy emulsified glass is deposited in the special sedimentation tanks I add clay and oxides during the process.  After the sediment has dried out, it is hand-crafted and reduced to the desired form and dimensions. Each part is then confined with clay shells to control expansion, which will then be partially or totally removed after firing. The color comes from the combination of glass with oxides, joined before firing.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, slide glass, brass

Dimensions: 115.00*45.00*40.00cm

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