Porcelain begins with earth. It forms chinese cursive characters and books with porcelain mud and fiber, as if to reproduce the process of human creating words and civilization from nature. The fragile and hard material characteristics of porcelain, like the civilization maintained by man in the vast nature, can release great energy and be destroyed by changes of nature at any time. The process of creation is a dialogue between me and mud. Excessive bending and torsion will make the lines of characters crack, break or even collapse with the process from air drying of mud into solid, and then firing into porcelain at high temperature. These traces are retained in the works, and some of them are repaired with gold foil. This process seems to be similar to the interactive relationship between human civilization and nature many times: the process of awe, transformation, destruction and repair... The creative process makes me reflect on the relationship between civilization and nature. Water can carry a boat or capsize a boat, and constantly look for a comfortable and sustainable boundary and way for each other. The work takes porcelain slurry as the main material and reproduces cursive script by using the fragile and hard material temperament of porcelain. The intervention of fiber makes the soil as flexible as ink. With the help of fiber materials, we look for the transformation of cursive form from plane to space in decoration and modeling, and jointly create a natural association of landscape emptiness and spirit and the unity of heaven and man in the artistic conception of Chinese writing with the format of writing, the shape and quality of words, the circulation of lines, the intensity and dryness of glaze, the clarity and transparency of porcelain.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain,acrylic,cotton

Dimensions: 90*30*10cm | Installation:150*150*230cm

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