Wave particles

Wave particles is a piece from the series 'Cold horizon'. This series of ceramic work called 'Cold Horizon' was created in porcelain and fired in wood-fired Soda kiln. I don't use any glazes, oxides nor other types of decorations. I leave everything to the kindliness of fire, who paints my pieces in the process of firing together with soda sprayed into the kiln in high temperatures. I love structures and textures, mosty derived from nature. On closer view you can notice extraordinary subtle detail in this work. Since I moved to Denmark - scandinavian country, sorrounded by water, I am a permanent guest of Danish seashores, lakes and sea, where I observe changing patterns of water, glittering in sunshine or dark structures of the winter water surfaces. Danish landscapes are deeply connected to water, with its pattern, seashore clay, beach texture and cold weather environment. Ironically, these landscapes of 'Cold Horizon' were fired in the highest possibile temperature of 1350°C.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, soda in soda wood firing

Dimensions: 37.00*10.00*26.00cm

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