Flowers series two

The second series of Hua created by me was created on the basis of the first series of Hua, which is thinner than the second series of Hua. On this basis, I created the first base of the whole work by means of superposition, Then on the basis of the first layer, according to the trend of the lines of the first layer, there are regular layers on the first layer I choose the combination of wool fiber material, paper fiber and soil. Due to the hollow property of wool fiber material, it will still break without glazing even after high-temperature sintering. I grind the broken part, then glue the porcelain powder with plastic adhesive, and finally present an album, The hollow structured organization is initially regressed through the application of technology and presented as a non vessel object. The nature of this material is just in line with my creation, and it is also for "Fang Sheng Fang die, Fang die Fang" in Zhuangzi Qi Wu Lun An interpretation of "life". "Flowers" bloom and "flowers" fall is a process of life from blooming to withering and then to rebirth. In a word, it is not only a reflection on Araki Takako's works, but also a reconstruction of a more perceptual thinking mode.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: fiber pottery

Dimensions: 60.00*60.00*40.00cm Diameter:60.00cm

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