I was inspired by letters that meant to be burned during special time in China. Writers of these letters was a couple that lived in different places in 50's of last century. They felt in love with each other in mainland China , the lady stayed in mainland due to the war, however the man went to Taiwan with army. My works are two letters from them but will never be received by each other forever. I express this emotion through ceramic material. The burned words represent lost time that vanished like ash yet miss still remains. The disappeared parts made the whole ceramic like paper that thinner and more fragile, when you hold it on your hands, it seems like you can still feel temperature and weight of their love instantly.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: ceramic

Dimensions: 34.00*25.50*.20cm|34.00*25.50*.20cm|42.00*34.00*.20cm|42.00*34.00*.20cm

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