Struggle of the Donkey

Forming method: Throwing, Reverse. After high temperature of 1300°, it is made by firing once.Meaning of the work: This work represents my life status in recent years. Day in and day out, spinning around the drawing machine. The process of daily work in the studio, just like a little donkey who pulls the mill every day. Through the history of thousands of years, I guess, all potters probably have been working like this. Although the representation of works is various, our efforts and enthusiasm towards porcelain making may be the same. In my work, Struggle of the Donkey, each small white porcelain ring represents a symbol of daily hardworking. The whole work is made of around 10,000 small twisting rings of white porcelain. Drawing, twisting, cutting. It records my life status in Jingdezhen. This work is my expression of the production process of all craftsmen including many others and me. It is a visual representation about efforts which spent from the “backstage” to the "frontstage".

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Ceramic, Fish tape, Wrought iron ring

Dimensions: 150*150*35cm Diameter:150cm

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