Time Mark series 5

Inspired by past life and experience, the work conveys emotions mechanically and dynamically. Material language is not only limited by specific images, but also uses forms, parallel and combination to create. For each object, I have a strong subjective processing, which is also a real presentation of a certain era in the past. Use the technique and idea of sculpture to discuss the mark of a certain era. The unity of product function and aesthetics is an important factor of product popularity. What modern designers should do is to deeply study the aesthetic psychology of mass consumers, find the harmony and unity of product function and aesthetics, and constantly explore and pursue the beauty of product design, creativity and innovation. The product has the dual attribute of practical function and aesthetic function. The aesthetic function is to satisfy human's spiritual pursuit of material and yearning for beauty. Product design has experienced a process from easy to difficult, from bad to excellent, and people also pursue the aesthetic function of the product on the basis of satisfying the practical function of the product. That is to say, mature product design, both practical, but also aesthetic. We are familiar with the ceramic products for example, it is a good reflection of the perfect combination of function and aesthetics.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain clay,clay

Dimensions: 40.00*20.00*55.00cm

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