Blue Grid Gradient

Blue Grid Gradient has a structural composition of colored porcelain, and is inspired by the repetitive patterns of textiles as well as the grids of Agnes Matin.
I´m interested in weavings as a source of inspiration, and I am working with proportionality in lines and color fields.
My focus is to explore the vanishing effect, where the colors dissolve into a weightless nothingness, the darkest tone being at the bottom and the lightest at the top of the vessel.
Blue Grid Gradient is inspired by the grids of the painter Agnes Martin, and the blue graduated color tones are formed in an interplay with a white grid.
I have developed a complex technique of mixing colors in a graduated color scheme, by cutting slabs into narrow stripes of porcelain.
Like patchwork, at each color change, there is a new layer of porcelain, and the vessel has an expression of crisp fragility.
The blue color is made by coboltoxyd, with a reference to traditional blue and white porcelain.
I work systematically and using repetition, but my goal is not absolute perfection. I seek the small imperfections from the material and the process, to give the geometric patterns life. This approach comes from seeing the sensible lines in Agnes Martin´s grids, and I seek the same vibrant expression in my works.
Blue Grid Gradient is translucent and fragile, and at the same time has a strong, geometrical expression.
My work has a tactile character, and my inspiration comes from Anni Albers, who wrote about the structural dimension of weaving. Similar to the ideas of Anni Albers, it is important for me and the expression of my work, that the pattern is embedded in the porcelain itself, and not applied only at the surface.
I work in an interdisciplinary style in a crossover between textile and ceramics, and the cylinder is my three-dimensional canvas for exploring a pattern around a curve.
Material: Porcelain
Technique: Slab built of colored porcelain.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 16.00cm Diameter:18.00cm

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