Shelter NO. 14 「Jury Prize」

The main focus of my work is the connection of textile and ceramics, which creates sensual illusions. My creative process is specifically about experimentation, thus most of the time the result comes about in an unexpected way. My works question and pushing the boundaries of the character of the materials. The project is interdisciplinary, which means it enters both the fields of textile and ceramics art. The objects are created by the symbiosis of the materials.
So, is porcelain capable of a transformation, which could imitate another medium? My works has been made through an experimental weaving technique. This technique allows me to create structures, which are opposite to the character of porcelain. Moreover, the objects vary from static structures to the deformation of structure during the firing. Some of their movements are manipulated consciously, indeed their final shape also depends on the gravity and high temperatures. In my working process, randomness and purposefulness are in the present simultaneously. After learning from every firing through the result, it helps me to try to consider porcelain as a creative partner. Using several mediums at the same time creates hybrid objects, which visually trick people’s senses. The viewer discovers a material that does not seem what they expected. My aim is to work without the stereotypes of materials and to open new perceptual dimensions.

Year of Creation: 2020

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 29.00*25.00*26.00cm

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