The Second Nature

The artist views "Ceram" from a geologic perspective, which originated from the concern of physical geographic feature. Stone, soil, and mineral are natural states of substances. "Stone", as a primordial clayey feature, a natural ready-made object, seemingly has an innate identity of anti-industrialism. Length of time lies in sedimentation, weathering, and erosion. It forms conscious artificiality into a type of second nature. The artist emphasizes the edge and relationship between those "natures", emerging the reorganization and deconstruction of natural order, which is a network constructed by different twining spaces, a metaphor for space, a discussion about location, stance, territory, edge, border and fluxion. Traditional geographic space and linear historical concept are here challenged and disintegrated. Since, the history of substantial objects and substances has been reconstructed.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain, fiber clay

Dimensions: 45*30*45cm|45*45*45cm|45*45*50cm

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