Wrinkle—The Expression of Xuan Paper: No-001 「Jury Prize」

A "Wrinkle—The Expression of Xuan Paper" suggests a simple sheet of paper, kneaded into a ball, artistically. Celebrating calligraphy, it evokes the idea of forsaken writing, which blooms miraculously, like a flower, along natural lines. And as such, a paean of life, from form, to the wonders of creation. This work was created by extending ends of a paper and folding it inward, from which wrinkles under tension are produced along natural lines, with an aesthetic feel—that maintain a certain unity, rationality, harmony. A "sense of space" that realizes context, in lines, of space, spirit and philosophy of "wrinkles". With the addition of a glaze, in black and white, the contemporary beauty of East is inspired and inspires.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: white porcelain clay and pottery clay

Dimensions: 100.00*38.00*43.00cm

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