Under the Surface

Under the Surface. Network Vessel.
I work from paper porcelain, which I mix myself. I roll long, thin coils and cut them into 4 / 5 cm pieces. The basic shape is a triangle, which expands into a 3-dimensional object, a polyhedron. The next piece is added to the side of the base. To keep the shape I connect the climaxes. The imperfections of manual work vary in length. The structure is constructed out of links and nodes, as in the other networks.
Firstly I made a pure white sphere, after a whole black orb. Now I emphasize with colors the three-dimensional wall. Visually, the colors overlap each other and mix with the white. Seen from a distance, it blurs. Like the leaves in the tree. Like the crowd of people from far above. The differences and the different shapes are becoming recognizable just at a closer distance. We want to differ from each other, but, at the same time, we want to fit into our tribe. Getting closer to a human, to his soul, he/she won't show his/her whole inside world. His soul will show its variable ‘colors’ to different humans in divergent situations.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Paper Porcelain, pigments

Dimensions: 24.00cm Diameter:27.00cm

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