I love to let the materials play, create miracles.For me being a ceramist is a way of living along with love for nature and wilderness. I have been experimenting with traditional materials -- clay, glass and light for more than 20 years, trying to break the rules, trying to make things that at first seemed impossible. With ceramics it is like with the nature. You have to listen. Never go against. The mountains tell to a mountaineer what you are allowed to do, and the same is in ceramics. I love to let the materials play, let things happen, let the materials create miracles.I love to expand boarders, walk on the edge. Inspiration comes from the glaciers of Alaska and the Himalayas, the endless world of snow, clouds and whiteness, the power of the mountains.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain and glass and glaze

Dimensions: 25.00*12.00*45.00cm

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