My power is made perfect in weakness

Throughout my work I have always been interested in exploring the surreal, the haunting, the decaying, the corroded, the decomposed, the deconstructed, the abandoned, the esoteric, the occult, nature, the intervention of chance and ethics of the unconscious. I let all this influence the way I currently produce art as a visual language of free associative organization of elements.
I'm drawn to places where decay, natural processes and even man-made structures reveal multiple layers of material, and thus several phases of existence. In my art process I enjoy alternating and rebuilding shapes in new ways. I saw and shape plaster molds from containers, waste and even toys from our contemporary consumer society, giving new life to these everyday objects.
My strength lies in synthesizing many techniques and materials into a coherent whole. Color, design and texture are very important to me.
I like to start with a visual idea and then evolve it as I walk through the process and materials. Some of my earlier works are visual metaphors for aspects of nature, man-made objects and emotional experiences. The materials I work with now often suggest their own subjects, whether whimsical or meditative.
The use of ceramic materials and techniques is also one of my main motivations and challenges and much of my inspiration is as diverse as the work of painters like Francis Bacon and Antoni Tapies, or sculptors like Louise Nevelson and Marjan Teeuwen, or the literature of Albert Camus and Emile Cioran.
The unique and complex fabrication of my latest work has been developed and perfected over time. Every break, tear, line and chance event builds up to an aesthetic dialect that, although layered, is still legible and aesthetically accessible to the viewer, inviting them to create their own interpretation.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, stoneware, sinterengobes, stains, underglazes, glazes

Dimensions: 58cm Diamter:27.00cm

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