The Roots of the Sky 

This installation is made of three suspended bamboo branches on which hundreds of handmade porcelain petals are attached with golden brass wires.
The Roots of the Sky is the first project in which I directly include nature, associating branches with porcelain petals. Somehow it is a way to give back to nature what I took from it, nature being more than an inspiration, becoming a part of the artwork itself.
For many years, I have observed the bamboo planted in front of my art studio, how the plants evolve according to the seasons, the sound of the wind in their branches and how they bend with the weight of the snow.
One day I found a dry branch on the floor, I removed the leaves and admired the simple beauty of its calligraphic lines.
I started to attach my small white porcelain petals to it to give the branch a second life.
The bamboo hang upside down as if they were roots, roots of the sky carrying stars or snowflakes.
This installation connects the ground to the sky like a tree.
The hundreds of porcelain petals are all connected by the branches like members of a family. Each one is unique yet carries the same lines of my hands, imprinted during the making. Three golden petals represent the heart of each branch.
I wish to share my wonder about the beauty of life, of nature and humanity through this poetical installation.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain / bamboo branches / 22 carat golden leaves / brass wires

Dimensions: 150.00*30.00*175.00cm

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