Chaos & Structure

I make sense of my world through material exploration, using the craftsmanship of porcelain to gain a personal sense of balance in the complex world we live in. Embracing imperfection and chance allows my work to flourish, I infuse the energy of the ceramic process, material qualities and physical making into my artistry.
Working with casting layers of liquid clay and a specific knowledge of its’ working and setting timing, I sculpt without the constraints of an ultimately planned form. Using multiple firings, I can repeatedly change the shape, adjusting and adapting elements as I go. This captures a moment in time between artist, material and process. Chaos & Order - black, white and grey for balance, poised, dense yet delicate, catching the light, hues and edges. The space around and within the structure gives infinite possibilities. Porcelain is complex, it offers open-ended outcomes and is seemingly never still.
Challenged by porcelain limitations; demonstrating strength and integrity, applying extreme heat, encouraging spontaneity in a permanent manner - vitrified, dynamic - it can bring the unexpected. Accepting all the uncertainty can be liberating and evoke the feeling of ultimate freedom.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, partial glaze, colour stain

Dimensions: 15.00*15.00*20.00cm

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