Chaos & Structure

I make sense of my world through material exploration using porcelain. This helps me to navigate aspects of today’s chaotic technological landscape. Embracing imperfection allow my work to flourish, infusing all encompassing energy into my artistry. I work with casting layers of liquid clay, understanding the speedy drying time, I shape without the constraints of an ultimately planned form. Using the firing process to repeatedly change the shape, adjusting and adapting elements though the stages. The finished artwork voices my process - a moment in time. Black, white and grey for a sense of balance. Poised, dense, yet delicate, light, hues, edges, the space around and within the structure gives infinite possibilities.
Porcelain is delicate and refined, it offers open-ended outcomes, it is never still. Challenged through the limitations, demonstrating strength and integrity, using extreme heat encourages spontaneity and permanence, vitrified, visceral, dynamic, unexpected - an expression of ultimate freedom.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, partial glaze, colour stain

Dimensions: 15.00*15.00*20.00cm

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