Once upon a time... 「Jury Prize」

Once upon a time… Boundless… …like flight routes of our planet. They connect us. They bring together humanity. They help us come together, share our thoughts, work together and share our culture. They give free ways to our fears. Like diseases that spread across our world in days. They are fragile and disapper in seconds when thigs turn really bad and we have to separete ourselves more than ever. Technical information: My installation comes together from 988 piece of casted porcelain cubes, each one is 4x4x cm. The routes are indicated with tiny pierced holes in the porcelain body made by hand one by one. The map under the routes showing the oceans of Earth is indicated with blue colour inside the cubes, which comes visible with the help of light under the whole installation.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 180.00*120.00*4.00cm, plus 3cm in height of the backlit panels

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait