A practice of slowing down #20

When I work with porcelain, it allows me to practice and find out who I am as a person at the same time. I find that there is a connection between meditation and mindfulness through the process of working with ceramics.
Living in Bangkok for me can be hectic and stressful, due to the fast paced environment but the repetitive process of making ceramics not only helps me to remain calm while I indulge myself in the present, but it is a simple way to find happiness as well.
As clay is a natural material, when I touch it, I feel like I am introduced to true nature, which is uncontrollable and so you surrender to it and let it lead you. You never force clay. Even though the simplicity and imperfection of nature can be subtle and subjective, its beauty can be noticeable if using cultivated eyes and a quiet mind.
The way that thin, circular porcelain plates are stacked and connected, gives you a vision of how these simple shapes can create space among each other while giving you a clearer understanding of porcelain character. This work piece demonstrates the tension between simplicity and complexity.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, cobalt oxide

Dimensions: 20.00*20.00*9.00cm

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