At first,there was only one

What will the mountain peaks composed of many simple but identical small parts look like, what is their orderly arrangement, and what is their disorderly stacking? The main material of this work is special high-temperature alumina ceramics, which is intended to explore a uniform but disorderly aesthetic feeling. This work will be presented to the audience as the first set of works in a series. High temperature alumina ceramics are mainly used in industry, hereinafter referred to as high alumina ceramics. After sintering, they have the advantages of insulation, hardness and so on. When it is made into a product, it requires stable shape, and a slight deformation will be defined as waste. For the purpose of environmental protection, all high alumina porcelain materials in this work come from waste products produced in industry, and the waste products are used as waste. The high alumina porcelain elements in this work are regular in shape and light in texture. After complete sintering, the texture is like corundum. Because of its good light transmittance, this product can be displayed in two ways, which can not only be placed on the table for direct viewing, but also connected with the light source. See the picture for the effects of the two.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: ceramics

Dimensions: Diameter:55cm | 62cm Diameter:30cm

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