This romantic fire

The texture of sackcloth is used as a base, combined with high white porcelain mud and a fun exploration of the firing method of smoky firing. Fire - never a romantic synonym - melts stiff bodies and carves cold objects, and its practical function has seen civilization change time and time again. The years spent with it, it is a romantic guy. It, throbbing, full of emotion to come, a picture of a side of romance to you. The graceful fiber and style of the clay several times to explore the fusion, straight flame beating, giving with changes thousands of fire marks of the course, as if to tell its thousand years with the clay ... My acquaintance with it, not in the cooking stove of the earth, but in the fragrance of the earth smoldering. The fire has a "temperature", you will feel the flame beating, will feel the guidance of the flame, will feel the wind blowing the smoke in the fire and bring the romance. Although the sound of frogs, smoke rising, in the darkness of the sky, it will be with me... A, watching the romantic fire.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: White porcelain

Dimensions: 20.00*20.00*20.00cm Diameter:20×20cm/pc(in total 40 pcs)

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