Fair & Square

This work is not a slab, but cast as an empty, flat box. I wanted to embody the idea of fairness from an extremely simple intellectual form.
Upon securing flat space, I painted lines to make it looks like an optical illusion.
The depth and the flow that can be seen are intangible. The mind and some values are also intangible. Although those are hard to see, they are there. I think about a healthy life where invisible values are alive in me, as if a hollowed object takes in air and breathes.
Drawing is down with water-soluble metal oxides. Controlling each moment of the flow of water based pigments onto the bisque fired pieces, as if it was ink on cotton, was a painstaking process. In the process of drawing these restrained lines, I also thought of the moderation, norms and balance in the process. As I get older, the more difficult I find reaching those values. Yes, I want to be a fair man!

Year of Creation: 2014

Materials: all slip-casted porcelain, aluminum anodizing(frame)

Dimensions: 35.5*35.5*1.3cm

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait