I always use the marine life as a source of inspiration for my works.And through the works to express my understanding of nature and life."52Hz" is one of the works I created based on the emotional resonance of the sound of a whale. The title of this work "52Hz" is an individual whale of unidentified species that calls at the unusual frequency of 52 hertz. This pitch is at a higher frequency than the other whales.It has been described as the "world's loneliest whale”. But as a living life, it is undoubtedly beautiful. I use casting to make the work as a hollow shape, because I regard the invisible space inside the work as a space containing vitality. And in this way, can make the energy and emotion of life hidden in the sound are from the inside to the outside, from the invisible to the visible. This process of transformation is way to express my understanding of life, that the most important things in life are invisible, emotive, lively and beautiful.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 52.00cm Diameter:45.00cm

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