Transformation of living matter into petrified shapes is a truly mysterious process that makes ephemeral objects, such as fruits and vegetables immortal. By changing their chemical structure, I am thus examining and observing their natural behavior, and carrying out artistic manipulations, structuring their strange interaction with each other.
Since the creation of the first genetically modified organism in the mid-70s, genetic engineering has become a very popular and controversial issue. Even more so with the introduction of genetically modified food.
Thanks to genetically modified food, cells can be artificially synthesized or combined with other genetic elements. As an artist, I see it as a modern metamorphosis that gives me food for thought in terms of the relation between scientists and artists.
In my art practice I always work with elements of nature, such as fruits and vegetables, and the study of their transformation during the process of wilting and rotting has driven my work. That’s why, while sculpting, I feel I have something in common with scientists in laboratories creating bio-engineered foods. Yet, in my case, I do it in an abstract way, with the goal to evoke emotions and associations, trying to show people common objects of nature in a novel, strange, and even surreal manner, using traditional and unique material such as porcelain.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain (unglazed)

Dimensions: 25.00*20.00*17.00cm

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