Le soleil de la brume

Le soleil de la brume Wenqi Liu This series started from a wish to find back an original emotion and the first feelings I had while discovering ceramics and doing my first artworks. When I first touched ceramics, I was a total ignorant of this material. This ignorance made me crave for exploring all kind of possibilities to create artwork with ceramics. I was completely in self-learning and my creation was built simultaneously by studying and exploring ceramics possibilities. I’m fascinated by this experimental creative process. But I lost this feeling while getting more knowledge on ceramics. My ability to master and control the materials got more important and I lost my first feeling of uncertainty and the pleasure of the creation by accident. Looking back to this state of mind and finding back the condition of creating again is the main inspiration of this series. The series “the sun of the mist” is divided in two chapters: “Light and shadow” and “Image”. The subtle changes of colors and textures of ceramics areused to express the reflection of light, the shadows of leaves and the moonlight in the dark. This semi-abstract landscape with low-def pictures, blurred taken with little shakes, ... I think my pieces use the materials to visualize my creative mind. But also they show how we use the imagination when we delete all the details and blur the focus.

Year of Creation: 2021年

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 19*27*0.7cm|19*27*0.7cm|19*27*0.7cm|19*27*0.7cm

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