Flying Cathedral

In this work, all of the columns and column capitals (topmost member of the column) are extremely strong, and solid, as they have to hold up heavy roofs. We know a lot of ruins where the columns are still standing without any support. In that situation, density is no longer necessary. The history and the passage of time has unchained the columns from their former purpose and given them back their freedom. If these columns could choose a new life, they would probably want to hold the light and let themselves be transformed by the sun and the stars. As the carved stones can't change themselves, we could shape their future and their new life. The capitals could become lightweight and allow the sun to shine in their interior. Only the constructed skeleton survives this transformation and sings through its softly polished crown.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Unglazed translucent porcelain, oxidation firing 1280°C

Dimensions: 33cm Diameter:37cm

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